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Rara Kailash Tours and Karnali Trail Pvt Ltd is a non-profit tourism organization, and an enterprise established by the development, expansion, promotion and preservation of local culture, customs and civilization, to improve the living standards of the local community and to portray these diverse assets to the world. Established since, (2017/02/27) has central office at Bajura, budananda municipality-2. The name of this organization is associated with Apsara rara of heaven, the residence of Lord Shiva and Parvati, the holy land Kailash mountain of Himalayas, the source of civilization and culture, the geography, the museum of biological diversity and water and organic local agricultural produce, the head of the Kailash mountain of Karnali and the Ganges of India. Received from this karma as it is connected with the historical background of the holy Karnali river flowing up to Dovan. It is an organization founded with interest of full service through human services, rather than the expectation of financial gain. The donations received through the management of this organization and donations received by voluntary donations will be spent on the areas of helpless children, the elderly, the disabled and the poor. In addition, you pledge to spend some of the money for the development, expansion and protection of religious and tourist sectors.

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